Tonight is the beginning of the jewish celebration “Sukkot”, the feast of tabernacles: „You are to dwell in booths for seven days. All the native-born of Israel must dwell in booths, so that your descendants may know that I made the Israelites dwell in booths when I brought them out of the land of Egypt. I am the LORD your God.’ ” (Lev. 23,42-43)

The word for booths here is “Sukkot”, sKT, 60_20_400, and that is also the jewish name for this feast. It appears for the first time when Jacob goes away from Esau he goes to Sukkoth and builds “Sukkots”, booths, for himself and his animals. Later he goes further into the land of Canaan. 

The next time “Sukkot” appears is when the people of Israel finally leave Egypt, they start from Ramses and march to Sukkoth. From there they start their journey to Canaan, the promised land. Again the Sukkot is the dwelling place in between. In between the world of two towards the world of one, of unity. From the world where Good and Evil live alongside each other towards the place of rest where there is peace and oneness: From Egypt, Mizrajim, 40_90_200_10_40 with the total value of 380, towards Canaan, 20_50_70_50 with the total value of 190. (380  = 190 *2). And the Sukkot is the temporary dwelling place inbetween.  

In 1. King 6 is said that in the 480th year after the exodus of the people of Israel, in the 4th year of King Solomon in the second month of the year, Solomon starts to build a house for YHWH. But it is only a Sukkot, a temporary dwelling place for JHWH. The total value of the word “Sukkot” is 480. The final dwelling place will be the Golden City, where God will dwell in the midst (Revelations 21+22). In that house there are many flats (John 14, 2). The word in Greek for City is poljn, 80_70_30_10_50 with the total value of 240 ( 480 = 2 * 240 ). There will be the dwelling place in unity with God. 

Also the heaven is a Sukkot for God as also Jesus speaks about the father in heaven. The 480th word of the bible is “heaven”, SMJM, 300_40_10_40, with a total value of 390. It is in the 4th verse of the second chapter. In this verse the name of God, JHWH, appears for the first time. He has a house to dwell in now. The bible starts with Beth, the second letter of the AlephBeth, which means “house”. God builds himself a Sukkot in the first chapter but then in the second chapter of the bible he finds his final dwelling place in the human beings. Or actually till he really finds that place it needs the whole rest of the bible. 

God lives on the inside. The Hebrew word for inside appears the first time also in 1. Kings 6 talking about the holy of holies:  5_80_50_10_40_10, HPNJMJ with a total value of 195. Heaven, 390, is God’s dwelling place during the time of the duality of heaven and earth. But he will be on the inside, 195, when heaven and earth come together in the Golden City.

„The kingdom of God is within you“

In Luke 17,21 Jesus says: The kingdom of God is not here or there but „the kingdom of God is within you.“ Most German translations say: The kingdom of God is in your midst. But could it be that Jesus really meant that the kingdom of God is in us? 

The word for „within“ in Greek appears in this form twice in the whole new testament. The second time is in Matthew 23,26. Jesus speaks to the Pharisees about cleaning first the inside of the cup and then the outside will be cleansed as well. The same word “entos” means the “inside” here. This allows clearly to come to the conclusion that Jesus meant; the kingdom of God is in our inside. But what a radical thought!

But it makes sense if we think of Matthew 6,10: “Thy kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” From a sanctified inner being, a sanctified life on earth will unfold.