Reflection of 17. June 2018

The greatest thing on sundays is having TIME.

Time to prepare a delicious breakfast.

Time to chat over a cup of coffee.

Time to deepen friendship.

Time to make plans for the day even knowing they will not come true.

Time to explain a friend how a new bought camera works.

Time to see how my kids learn from a stuntman how to do a proper fight on stage.

Time to pick up a hula hoop and try if I can keep swinging it all around me while I am walking.

Time to watch my kids being fully into a role playing game and losing themselves in time and space.

Time to pack lunch and drive to a nearby park and run, wrestle, eat, skate, throw a frisbee, play all sorts of ballgames, explore the playground and watching soap bubbles hover over the huge grass field.

Time for a nap.

Time to get a haircut.

Time to watch the woldcup games to cheer our favourite nation.

So much time for so many things… this is just awesome!

I love sundays, they give us TIME to be.

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